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 California Family Health Centers

Low Cost Community Health Clinic in Fullerton, CA

Our Vision

The mission of North Orange County Regional Health Foundation (NOCRHF) is to provide quality, comprehensive, culturally sensitive health services to families in our community. From full scope primary care, prenatal, family planning, dental, optometry, and mental health, NOCRHF can provide all these services on site or through our comprehensive partnerships, regardless of a patients ability to pay. NOCRHF looks to serve as a beacon of health, wellness, and comfort to all our patients and the community we serve.

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  • Camouflaged Vaping Devices Are Hoodwinking Parents And Schools September 18, 2019
    The vaping hoodie. The vaping watch. The vaping phone case. Each ready to deliver a puff of nicotine (or marijuana) anywhere, anytime. The vaping market is crowded with sleek, camouflaged devices that have teachers and parents struggling to monitor illicit usage of a product that has surged in popularity among high schoolers.
    Anna Maria Barry-Jester
  • As Texas Cracks Down On Abortion, Austin Votes To Help Women Defray Costs September 18, 2019
    The Austin City Council is setting aside $150,000 in city funds to help local women seeking an abortion pay for related costs, such as transportation or child care.
    Ashley Lopez, KUT
  • Voices: How Should California Address The Needs Of Its Aging Population? September 17, 2019
    By 2030, an estimated 1 in 5 Californians will be 65 or older, and the state is creating a “master plan” to address their needs. Lawmakers, advocates, local officials and others gathered in Sacramento on Monday to tackle issues of greatest concern, such as long-term care and housing for low-income seniors.
    Anna Almendrala and Ana B. Ibarra, California Healthline

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